In today’s business world, most people have a mobile phone – but they aren’t powerful enough to handle all business calling needs. If you don’t have an Android or iPhone to work with our mobile apps, Vonage Business cloud PBX still provides the features your business requires and can also extend those features to other mobile phones. And of course, if you do have a smartphone the Vonage MobileConnect app seamlesly integrates wtih Android and iPhone (now updated for iOS10!).

Stay Connected on the Go

Call Forwarding allows employees to forward calls placed to their company extension to their mobile phone, but it doesn’t stop there. Because the call is routed through your cloud PBX, employees can still utilize PBX functionality from their mobile device. Calls can be transferred back to other extensions in your account, allowing for a seamless connection between employees in different locations. Mobile phones become an extension of the company phone system, instead of standalone and separate devices.

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

Simply add your mobile number into the user-friendly User Portal for your extension, and update the call settings as necessary. You can forward calls immediately, or set a rule to redirect to your desk phone after a few rings. Calls that aren’t answered at your mobile number can then be forwarded to your company voicemail.

Mobility is an important part of doing business for many small companies, and that doesn’t have to mean a loss of communication. Vonage’s Cell Phone Integration is easy to use and is a powerful communication tool. And best of all, businesses that take advantage of Vonage’s cost saving cloud PBX service get this feature included for free.