Even in a company with two employees, the ability to transfer a call is an important part of looking professional. Sure you can just hand the phone to another employee, but what if you are both working from home in different locations? Our cloud PBX service makes it easy to transfer calls and connect workers, even when they’re in different locations.

Look Professional, Stay Organized

When someone calls your business, especially a potential customer, it’s important to keep them on the phone until you’ve fulfilled their needs. Asking someone to call back at a different number looks unprofessional, and makes your company seem disjointed.

Vonage Business phone system and service wrap professional phone features and calling service into one, delivering everything over your business Internet connection. Call Transfer is a FREE convenient feature that is included in your low monthly subscription fee, and is available with no additional equipment to buy or lease.

It’s as Easy as Pressing a Button

To transfer a call with Vonage, simply press the call transfer button on your VoIP phone and dial the extension of the employee to whom you wish to transfer the call. Your VoIP phone can also store the numbers of employees in your company so that there is no need to memorize extensions.

Vonage allows both “Blind” and “Attended” transfers, meaning you can transfer the call with or without speaking with the other person first. Once the call is transferred, simply hang up the phone.