Call Logs on the Vonage system allow access to detailed call records by extension or account. You can run these custom reports on call activity simply by logging into your Administrator Portal.

How Do I Use Call Logs?

  • Set a start date and an end date for your report query.
  • Set a start time and an end time.
  • Run the report, and either print, save as a PDF or export as an Excel document.

When Would I Use Call Logs?

Our customers typically use call logs to view the direction of a call to a business, call activity from a business, additional rates for international calling, and the duration of a call. It’s a great way to make sure that your phones are being used appropriately or to just see what phones have a higher volume than others.

Many customers have used call logs as a barometer to gauge whether they need to add additional staff to their workforce to handle growing call loads or to justify purchasing an executive-level phone to accommodate the growing needs of a business.