Call Groups allow you to create virtual departments within your organization. Call groups make it easy to create these virtual departments by selecting specific extensions to ring simultaneously on inbound calls. Once the call group is set up, incoming calls will ring on all extensions in the group at the same time.

With all extensions receiving the same call, Call Groups ensure that an important call is never missed. Our Call Groups are a simple form of Automated Call Distribution (ACD) features that allow you to route calls based on an employee’s responsibility or function.

Call Group Benefits

  • Easy to set up and administer through the online portal.
  • Ensure that inbound calls are always answered because every phone in the call group will ring.
  • Easily create virtual departments within your PBX.

Who Needs Call Groups?

Companies with sales teams, customer support teams, or any other departments that field calls collectively can benefit from Call Groups. Call Groups have both a direct dial number, and a group extension for routing within the system.