Call Announce whispers an audible version of the custom tag to you before the call is connected. The feature can be used in conjunction with Call Screening and the Screening Menu, giving you the option to answer the call, send it to voicemail or transfer it somewhere else.

How Would I Use Call Announce?

  • Mobility: When you answer a call on mobile, Call Announce will alert you that this is a call to your office.
  • Shared Resources: Perhaps you have employees that assist in multiple capacities. This feature will ensure they know the reason for the call before it’s connected.
  • Marketing: Tag a phone number to track promotions and Call Announce will alert your sales representative that the caller is aware of a promotion or call in from a specific ad campaign.

Benefits of the Service

  • Always answer accurately and professionally
  • Increase your speed of answer by not having to look at the caller ID
  • Calls forwarded to a personal line will announce that the incoming call is a business call

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