This feature indicates which phones on the system are in use by displaying a clear status on your phone display. Each BLF key on your phone also acts as a speed dial.

BLFLightsCalloutsIt’s exciting when your office runs like a well-oiled machine, particularly when employees are in sync with one another. Busy Lamp Field (BLF) is an included feature that offers employees additional phone system visibility – to help keep communications and workflow moving.

How It Works

Busy Lamp Field supports up to 50 lines and allows you to display the status of other extensions on your phone, such as “idle,” “ringing” or “on a call.” Each BLF key on your phone also acts as a speed dial, allowing you to press that key to dial the corresponding extension.

For example: The feature allows a receptionist or administrative assistant to see whether a person is on the line and the call status. Speed dial allows them to pick up the phone, press the line configured to that person and have the extension ring immediately.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Increase phone system visibility and keep office communications flowing.
  • See the phone status of each employee on your phone display.
  • Use your BLF keys to speed dial employees.

For many offices, the Busy Lamp Field feature represents another way to streamline the flow of communications and serve customers better. In fact, this feature was specifically requested by Vonage Business customers, so we’re pleased to make it available.

Get Started

BLF can be configured on your Administrator Portal (see configuration instructions). Our Customer Care team can also help you configure the feature. Be sure to check first to ensure you have compatible phones for using the service.

Compatible Phones: BLF is currently compatible with a select set of Cisco and Polycom phone models sold by Vonage Business. See compatible phones.