The Administrator Portal is a foundational tool that allows your company’s administrator(s) to fully manage and customize the phone system – and monitor account activity in real time.

Companies switching to business VoIP quickly realize the control and visibility they have over their phone system. Vonage’s password-protected Admin Portal, in particular, gives customers the power to: manage calling features and extensions, view system activity live, track account updates and billing, and access custom reporting and analytics. There’s never a reason to wait for a visit from a technician to add or customize a calling feature. Our user-friendly Admin Portal makes it easy to do it yourself.

With our Admin Portal, businesses can customize the phone system the way they want. The administrator’s first encounter with the portal is typically to configure the Virtual Receptionist and set up individual extensions for employees. From there, the administrator can further customize individual features and user access, as well as keep daily tabs on system activity.

How It Works

The online Admin Portal is available only to administrators designated by the business. (Other users on the system can manage their own extensions via the separate User Portal.) Administrators can access the Admin Portal anytime – from any computer – using secure login credentials. Navigation within the portal is easy and offers many options for managing the system and evaluating phone system activity.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Manage and customize phone system calling features.
  • View employee call activity in real time.
  • Add new extensions easily as your business grows.
  • Purchase and add premium features – e.g., Call Queue, Voicemail Transcription, Company-Wide Call Recording – and customize them to your business’s preference.
  • Track monthly billing and account updates/enhancements.
  • Use Reporting & Analytics to track overall system trends and usage by extension.
  • Attend live Admin Portal Training sessions to learn more and ask questions.

Get Started

Using the Admin Portal, most customers complete the initial set up of their system on their own. However, Customer Care representatives are always available to assist or answer questions – particularly if feature setups are complex. We also recommend each company administrator take one of our live Admin Portal Training sessions – offered four (4) times a day each weekday – so they can make the most of this vital resource.