MacAndrew Jack is the Chief Strategic Officer of Wisdom Health, a geriatric primary care practice in Boulder, Colorado. He provides technical and management guidance, sets up systems, and does payroll for the organization. Though Wisdom Health is a relatively young company, its partners and staff have served the Boulder area for many years – and currently care for over 200 patients.

Phone System Challenge

 When they first opened their medical practice, they wanted a phone system that that could maximize the power of VoIP technology to access voicemail and use flexible notification systems for getting urgent messages to providers – all the while keeping costs down. As they researched and compared providers, their main concerns revolved around reliability, training and service quality. The phone system is face of the medical practice, so they needed a solution that is easy to use and offers a professional appearance to patients.


 Wisdom Health went with Vonage Business and remains a customer years later. The Vonage business VoIP service gave the practice the price, reliability, and customer service that they sought. And they enjoy many of the efficient features on the system, such as Virtual Receptionist, Paperless Fax and Voicemail Transcription. At the same time, Wisdom Heath is a Medicare-based practice so the ability to contain costs is of utmost importance.

The Vonage business system is hosted in the cloud, enabling businesses to adjust system settings through an easy to use online Admin Portal. Professionals like MacAndrew Jack appreciate the ability to set things up and manage the system themselves. Plus, the affordable monthly service with no annual contract makes the service an ideal fit for the practice.