John is the President of Wingspan Los Angeles, a development and property management company. They are a full service property management company in the real estate industry, and have developed a reputation for putting the needs of their clients first and foremost, with an emphasis on communication.

Wingspan LA did not have a previous phone provider, as they are a brand new company. For a business that is just starting out, choosing the right phone provider is an important decision. Vonage Business small business VoIP service is specifically tailored to small and growing businesses. Our no contract, month to month extension plans allow new companies the scalability that they need.

In addition to scalability, Wingspan wanted to make sure that they were signing up with a provider that had outstanding phone service reliability. Many real estate companies have come to depend on the reliable phone service Vonage Business provides. Our service is built on our own proprietary technology. Many other hosted VoIP providers have built their systems on open source technology, which is less stable, and more prone to system outages.

With Vonage Business, Wingspan gets a powerful business phone system that is highly customizable. John is able to configure his system from a user friendly web portal. He can configure the Virtual Receptionist, and set up extensions for his company and employees. Each Extension in turn gets its own password protected web portal. Every employee with an extension can configure his or her own extension settings, setting up voicemail, call forwarding, and voicemail to email settings.

Vonage Business comes with a wide range of powerful business features included standard with every unlimited extension plan. John says the #1 reason his company chose to go with Vonage Business was the features. Virtual Receptionist, voicemail to email, call forwarding, call hold, call park, and a wide array of other features are standard with every Vonage Business account. Vonage is dedicated to powering small real estate businesses like Wingspan continue to grow and thrive.

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