Costas Hrousis and Shawn Donahue are the co-founders of Veraxia Commercial Real Estate Solutions. Veraxia CRES is a commercial real estate brokerage and advisory firm based in Bethlehem, PA. They celebrated their 1st year in business on May 5, 2011. They are a very small firm; Costas and Shawn are the co-founders as well as the “salespeople” for the company. Shawn explains: “Our name sounds complicated, but it’s quite simple. Ver is the Latin root for Truth and Axia is the Greek root for value, which are two important covenants needed to be successful not only in CRE, but in business today.” Shawn’s real estate brokerage understands the importance of providing a valuable service with a straightforward business practice.

Business Phone System Challenge:

 When Veraxia Commercial Real Estate Solutions was starting out, they were using an Avaya system, which was used in conjunction with individual cell phones on the AT&T network. This solution worked when they were starting out, but lacked some of the more important business grade features they required. In addition to added conveniences like Voicemail to Email and Voicemail Transcription, they needed a company auto-attendant that could route calls effectively from their company number. In their search for a new business phone system, they realized that a Virtual Receptionist within a Hosted PBX system could handle their calls. They were hesitant however about making the switch because of concerns about VoIP, which is delivered over the public internet. Prior to starting their company they were with a local office of a national CRE firm. That office used a much larger system that had all the bells and whistles. “We were finding that comparable “systems” were not cost effective when starting out, but we wanted the bells and whistles. [Vonage Business] was the solution for us.”


 After comparing features and pricing from various business VoIP companies, Veraxia CRES selected Vonage Business, “we chose [Vonage Business] for its features and price.” Vonage’s rich feature set had everything that Veraxia Commercial Real Estate Solutions needed and more. “We wanted a solution that was not only cost effective, but offered the ‘bells and whistles’ that we were used to, plus an auto attendant feature.

Like Veraxia CRES, Vonage strives to provide a valuable service with straightforward business practices. There are no hidden fees, and no contracts. Our customers are all on a month to month plan and stay with us because they are satisfied with our service. There are no cancellation fees, and our equipment is not proprietary, so we don’t try to lock our customers in. Instead we focus on providing the best value business phone system we can.

“[Vonage Business] has improved our business by providing us with a ‘full service phone system’ at a very reasonable cost. We now have a professional phone presence for our customers.”

Shawn’s favorite features are Virtual Receptionist, Voicemail to Email, and Voicemail Transcription.

Not only is Vonage Business’ platform outstanding, our customer support stands out as well. Shawn appreciates our support staff’s ability to resolve any of the issues he’s encountered. “Vonage’s great customer support staff has provided for ease of communication.”

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