Upstream Investment Partners is a goal based individualized wealth management firm. Steve, one of the founding partners, has over 19 years of financial industry experience and began Upstream Investment Partners last year with two other Regional Directors of Finance. They now have a network of over 50 independent advisors with roughly $8 million in recruited trailing 12 month production. His role as one of the Founding Partner is to be responsible for growing the network as well as building a personal business offering goals based planning.

For his phone needs he has used the Internal system at his old company, Ameriprise, and used ATT service at his local office. When Steve and his partners started Upstream they knew that they wanted a VoIP system because of its flexibility and scalability.

 Phone System Challenges:

 When Steve and his partners started Upstream Investment Partners, they knew that they would grow at a fast pace and expected to be adding independent advisors all over the country. It was important to have a phone system that would work nationwide with independent satellite offices. For this reason they knew that they wanted a VoIP system with a hosted PBX that could connect all of their advisors under the same phone menu and system. They performed a rigorous search for a new phone system amongst all the top VoIP providers, comparing price and feature sets. They wanted the best value for their money, but didn’t want to sacrifice reliability and functionality. After an exhaustive search, they settled on Vonage Business).

“[Vonage Business] became our top choice based on price and features. However, the main reason we went with [Vonage Business] was the personal service and flexibility to grow with us as we expanded across the country.”


With Vonage Business, Upstream Investment Partners has been able to maintain a small corporate feel even as they expand rapidly across the country. Vonage Business has provided a phone solution that gives financial advisors the ability to support clients in multiple ways from multiple locations.

“The flexibility to offer [Vonage Business] to all advisors, regardless of location, has given us the ability to become a larger client and use scale to lower cost.”

Thanks to Vonage Business, Upstream is able to easily add new financial advisors regardless of their location, as long as they have an Internet connection. All they need is an IP phone. Once the IP phone is configured, they can plug in and be connected to the Upstream phone system no matter where they are. That means having an Upstream extension that can be reached from the main company phone number. It means calling other Upstream advisors, even across the country, just by dialing their 3 digit extension.

Steve’s favorite features: Do Not Disturb, Never Miss A Call,Voicemail to Email

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