Ecco Scientific is a sales and distribution company that supplies small to medium sized laboratories with all their scientific supply requirements. Sano has negotiated fixed-cost distribution agreements with major manufacturers and can supply product lines, such as chemicals and filters, at very competitive prices, freight free.

Ken Laing is President of Sano Scientific, and has always been a fan of IP telephony. When Sano needed a cost effective system, as the majority of their business is generated through phone calls, Ken already knew that a VoIP system would serve their business well through low cost service that delivered business class features.

Like most small business owners, Ken sought a phone service that simply worked and did not require him to spend time troubleshooting and hassling with installation. “Plug and play phones supplied by Vonage Business work well. The biggest cost saving is in the time saved by not having to deal with the major phone companies.”

In addition to the plug and play technology and admin portal, Ken valued the fact that Vonage Business was easy to set up and had helpful support in the event that a problem was to arise. “I wanted an IP telephone system that would work, and the company offering the service must be easy to work with.”

Vonage prides itself on its friendly and knowledgeable customer care team, offering resourceful and comprehensive help to our VoIP service customers resolve any and all issues with their internet phones. At Vonage Business, customers aren’t locked into long term contracts that keep them from switching if their experience isn’t satisfactory. With our no-contract month to month service, we know that keeping our customers happy is the key to success.

Ken notes that since he runs a sales organization that prides itself on customer service, he expected the same from his phone service provider.

“[Vonage Business] listened to what I wanted, provided a quick response and the phones were up and running within a week. That is what I call customer service.”

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