Laurence Rosenberg of services the New York City rental market with No Broker fee apartment listings. They are a real estate company has been in business for 20 years and has 6 employees. They provide all the information anyone needs to be able to rent an apartment on their own, without having to use a real estate broker or without having to pay huge brokerage fees to apartment brokers.

Rent-Direct switched to Vonage Business because of service problems with their previous provider. They were encountering regular service interruptions and problems with their billing. Their service was more costly than they wanted, and the unreliability made them look for a new provider.

After switching to Vonage Business hosted VoIP, Laurence says, “Our overall phone costs have decreased by just over 50%!” They chose Vonage’s service because of the superior audio quality, ease of setup and use, and the reasonable cost.

“We no longer have to worry about our monthly phone bill or have costly service interruptions.”

Laurence’s favorite feature is Voicemail Transcription, which provides a text transcription of his voicemails delivered over email. Every time Laurence receives a voicemail on his Vonage Business extension, he receives an email with the voicemail attached as an MP3, and a text transcript of the message in the body of the email.

“I read along while listening to a message. If the message is difficult to understand, the transcript helps make sense of it. If the transcript makes sense, I don’t have to bother listening to the message.” This allows Laurence to have a more accessible record of his voicemails. Not only are all of the messages stored in his email, but so is the text of the message itself for quick and easy review.

“Vonage Business has made most of our phone issues a thing of the past. No more vendors to deal with. No more appointments, no more shuttling back and forth between my phone vendor and service provider to determine who is responsible for fixing an issue.”

Vonage Business features have improved the businesses of many Real Estate companies across the country. Our rich feature set is ideally suited to a fast paced and growing business.