Realty Executives Showcase has been in business for over 45 years in Cincinnati Ohio. They employ high caliber real estate professionals that are highly knowledgeable of the local real estate market. They needed a phone system that could provide affordable calling and professional features. Realty Executive Showcase chose Vonage Business as their business phone provider.

Affordability is an important aspect of many of the choices that small businesses make. Fortunately for many real estate agencies, Vonage business phone system is a place they can easily cut costs, and simultaneously increase their productivity and professionalism. The Unlimited Extension plans offer unlimited local and nationwide long distance calling for a low flat monthly rate. Flat rate unlimited calling makes predicting budgets a breeze, as it eliminates the unexpected price of high long distance charges. Switching to Vonage Business is also a very affordable choice, as there are no installation fees, no equipment to buy, and no contract to sign.

Realty firms like Realty Executive Showcase also benefit from a powerful set of phone system features, in addition to their reduced phone bills. Included with every Unlimited Extension plan is a whole host of powerful business phone features that enhance the productivity of real estate agents.

  • Work-From-Anywhere allows agents to take their phone home or on the road and still stay connected.
  • Call Forwarding makes taking company calls on a mobile phone a matter of making a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Virtual Receptionist is a professional phone menu that greets callers and directs their call to the right extension.
  • Voicemail to Email delivers an audio file attachment of voicemails to the extension email address of your choice.
  • Find Me Follow Me allows agents to set their extension to ring multiple phones so that they never miss a call
  • Call Flip allows an agent who has taken a call on his or her desk phone to ‘flip’ the call to their mobile phone so that they can continue the conversation as they go out the door.

Real Estate firms across the country have discovered the big business benefits of a small business phone system from Vonage Business.

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