Pickett Law firm, based in Jacksonville, Florida, is dedicated to helping clients with Bankruptcy Law, Family Law, and Personal Injury Law. As a small law firm, Pickett Law understands the importance of getting a high quality phone system for an affordable price. Much of their business comes from potential clients calling in, so having a professional phone system is a crucial aspect of their success.

Vonage Business is hosted in the cloud, so there is no expensive physical equipment to buy, lease, or maintain. Pickett Law Firm has an Unlimited Extension plan, which gives them unlimited local and domestic long distance calling for a flat monthly fee. The beauty of a cloud based phone system is that all the business phone features that Pickett Law Firm needs are included with their calling service. Features like Virtual Receptionist, Caller ID, Call Logs, Voicemail to Email, and Work-from-anywhere, all come standard with every Unlimited Extension plan.

Additionally, there are some important features that Vonage Business has developed to fit the needs of legal firms like Pickett Law. Our Call Recording service has been cited by many of our legal firm customers as a critical asset in dealing with clients. With 2 levels of Call recording service available, law firms can ensure that they keep track of important phone conversations for record keeping.

Company Call Recording Service (CCRS) allows law firms to set company-wide rules for which calls are automatically recorded. On-Demand Call Recording Service (OCRS) gives the control to each extension, allowing attorneys to record the calls they choose with a simple keystroke. All the calls are saved as files in your secure Vonage Business account, and are accessible from your password protected web portal. Different law firms have different needs, and that’s why Vonage offers two different levels of recording service, so that law firms can pick the level that works for them.

Pickett Law has found success with Vonage Business, and can present clients and potential clients with a professional communications experience

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