New Age Real Estate is based in Colorado and provides a variety of Real Estate services. They provide property management and leasing services for single family homes, condos, town homes, duplexes, and apartment buildings. Their offices are located throughout the Colorado Front Range including Metro Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Fort Collins. Because of their multiple offices, they need a company phone system that can tie all of their locations together.

Vonage Business cloud based system makes connecting distributed offices a breeze, and is the phone system of choice for many successful Real Estate offices.New Age Real estate handles their own IT needs, and therefore requires a system that they can manage and operate themselves. Vonage Business cloud PBX is simple to install, and is managed from a user friendly web portal. Installation is as simple as plugging phones into an internet connection. IP phones automatically register with Vonage’s servers, and connect to the associated phone system. Because IP phones are specifically tied to one account, they can be plugged into virtually any internet connection, and still be part of the same phone system. As a result, New Age Real Estate is able to have offices throughout Colorado, and has a phone system tying them all together, with no phone system hardware whatsoever.

Vonage Business offers flat rate unlimited extensions that are charged on a monthly basis with no contracts. This means that Real Estate businesses like New Age can easily add and remove extensions if they’re agents move from office to office. There are no installation or cancellation fees to worry about.

Vonage Business is dedicated to helping small businesses grow, and we want our customers to stay with our service because they are happy and satisfied, not because they are locked into a contract.

With every Unlimited Extension account, real estate companies like New Age get the benefit of a suite of powerful business features included at no extra charge. Features like Voicemail to Email, Virtual Receptionist, Caller ID, Work from Anywhere, are all included with every Unlimited Extension account.

Vonage Business Cloud PBX phone system is easy to setup and manage, but like any system, sometimes you need a helping hand. Our customer care team is happy to help customers make any changes they need to the setup or configuration of their phone system.

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