A leading manufacturer of custom cable and coil cords, Meridian Cable has been in business since 1980 and employs more than 100 staff members. They are a small business with several U.S. locations and were looking for a phone system that could handle various business needs, including transferring calls and making conference calls.

Phone System Challenges:

As a small business, Meridian Cable relies on their phone systems to make connections, not only to customers but also within their own organization. Maintaining seamless communications with staff in a number of different locations presented a challenge for Cyndi Zurek and her colleagues at Meridian Cable. The company had previously used a number of large phone services including AT&T and Comcast. Zurek said cost was a definite consideration in making a change in phone systems. The features that Vonage Business offered helped make their decision easy.

After speaking with a Vonage representative, Zurek was convinced that switching to Vonage would greatly increase the efficiency of their communications.

However, she was initially reluctant about using an Internet phone system, such as Vonage Business Hosted PBX phone system.

We thought we would have a lot of difficulties,” she said. “They do not exist with Vonage Business.”

Vonage Business Success:

Since switching to Vonage , Zurek and Meridian Cable employees have been pleased with many of the phone system features – in particular the Call Transfer, Never Miss a Call, Voicemail to Email and Call Log features. All the features have helped improve company efficiency. “We can now transfer calls that may come in to the wrong phone number.

“The hold feature is wonderful when researching something for a customer and the Voicemail to Email is the best feature,” she said. “We can handle our calls as if we are all under one roof now – no inconveniences to our customers or prospects.”

In addition to enjoying Vonage’s many features, Meridian has also seen a sizable savings on their phone system costs – currently upwards of $600 a month. Zurek said they are also impressed with the customer support and the quality of phone service offered by Vonage.

“There is no comparison to the customer support we receive with Vonage Business. We actually expect support and receive it. Voice quality is very clear, even when using the speakerphone,” she added.

Meridian Cable Owner Bud Kinzalow added he also enjoys the Voicemail to Email feature.

“The best feature for me is having the voicemails sent as MP3s via email,” he said. “It allows me to listen to my voicemail on the road on my mobile.”