John Bailey Realty is an Atlanta based real estate firm, with expertise in all aspects of buying and selling homes in Atlanta. John Bailey is a 3rd generation realtor, and continues the family tradition of expertly guiding clients through the home buying and selling process.

Like most small realty businesses, John Bailey handles his company’s IT needs himself. As a result, he needs a system that is simple to manage and maintain. Often times, simplicity can mean a simplification of features and service as well, but that’s not the case with a cloud based PBX phone system.

With Vonage Business, John Bailey’s realty firm gets all the business class features it needs to conduct business and stay in contact with clients. However, unlike a traditional phone system, there is no physical equipment to buy or maintain. John can manage his entire phone system online, as easily as if he were checking his email, or conducting online banking. Every unlimited extension plan comes with a full suite of business features included for a low monthly flat rate.

With his business phone system, John Bailey Realty can set up Virtual Receptionists with ease. Their real estate firm can have multiple phone menus, with rules that are easy to set and schedule. For calls during business hours on weekdays John can set one rule, and for nights and weekends he can set another. With a few clicks of the mouse, John is able to ensure that all the calls to his business go to the right place.

Each individual Real Estate agent also has control over his or her own extension settings.

For realtors that will be out of the office, turning on call forwarding is easy, and calls placed to their extension can be forwarded to the mobile phone number of their choice. This way, even when realtors are out of the office they are still tied to the main company number, to their clients, and to their co-workers. Calls that are forwarded from a Vonage Business extension to a mobile phone can even be transferred to another extension, ensuring that real estate firms are always in touch.

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