Jackpine Business Centers provides business computing and office supplies in the Manistee and Ludington areas in Michigan They have 24 employees between two different locations. As a small office supply retailer, they need a phone system to handle various aspects of their business and connect their two locations.

Staying Connected with Satellite Locations

Retailers can often have several locations, or have plans to expand to multiple locations as they grow. Businesses like Jackpine that have expanded need to be able to connect with customers as well as their other branches. Before VoIP, traditional phone systems could perform this task, but were very expensive and cost-prohibitive for small businesses like Jackpine. A cloud PBX however, which uses the already present connectivity of the Internet, allows Jackpine to form a robust phone system between locations without an expensive installation of equipment.

Using Toll Free Numbers

Vonage Business provides toll free 800 numbers, one for each location, that keep offices connected while allowing remote customers to make free calls. With a traditional phone system, setting up toll free numbers involved a complicated physical change to a business phone system, but with Vonage, it’s a simple matter of associating another number with your account on our server.

Building a Communications System

Retailers like Jackpine get the benefit of unlimited calling with a Vonage Business phone system, which can be very beneficial for companies with an in house sales team. Every Vonage Business account has at least one Unlimited Extension, and as Jackpine expands, they can also add on Metered Extensions for employees with lower call volumes. The best part is that all the core phone system features the company needs are included at no extra charge, with professional add-ons avaliable for a low monthly fee – all without contracts.

Jackpine benefits from a wide range of included calling features, features such as Caller ID, Virtual Receptionist, and Voicemail to Email. Jackpine has added Call Groups, to create virtual departments within their company. This way, when a caller in the Virtual Receptionist phone menu hears “Press 1 for sales,” all the extensions in the sales call group will ring simultaneously.

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