Rusty Melle is the office manager and real estate broker for ITG Realty. They are a full service realty company with a strong network for marketing properties in the commercial, residential and investment communities.

They are based in Melbourne, Florida and serve Brevard and Collier counties. ITG’s mission statement is to put the client first, ensuring that agents are accessible and are good listeners and communicators, and are able to respond quickly to every client’s needs. With such a strong emphasis on client communications, it’s imperative that ITG Realty has a phone system that keeps agents in touch with their clients, whether they are in the office or out on the road.

ITG Realty was formerly using a cell phone provider for all of their calling needs. While cellphones are convenient for staying touch no matter where an agent is, there are big limitations in terms of business features. Cellphones can’t be tied together on their own to create a company phone system. With Vonage Business Cloud PBX, calls to the company phone number can be forwarded to cellphones, and then transferred to other extensions within the company. This type of functionality creates a much more professional and seamless communication experience for clients.

The Vonage Business Virtual Receptionist allows callers to select the extension they are trying to reach when they call your company number. Some smaller companies set up voicemail boxes to handle less urgent calls, and forward more urgent matters to the appropriate extension. For example, if a potential client is simply looking for information, the Virtual Receptionist can direct them to a voicemail box where they can leave call back info. On the other hand, if there is a potential buyer on the line, the Virtual Receptionist can send their call directly to the appropriate extension, and even tag the call with the extension they are trying to reach, for instance “Interested in a Listing.”

Rusty Melle says that the number one reason his real estate agency switched to Vonage Business was the ability to work from anywhere. He has the benefits of a professional phone system for a low monthly flat rate, and is able to make customer communications his number one priority.

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