Howard S. Levine, CPA is the owner and operator of a full service public accounting firm. His firm offers a complete array of tax, accounting, and advisory services to individuals and businesses in the greater South Jersey/Philadelphia area. Howard’s “boutique/concierge” type services enable him to provide one-on-one attention to his clients, at a fraction of the prices charged by the large firms

In Fall 2010, Howard was relocating his office to a larger space. Even though the move was less than half a mile, his existing phone service provider informed him that he would not be able to keep his phone number, he didn’t have a choice in selecting his new number, and they couldn’t help him with call forwarding. Howard had spent the last five years rapidly expanding his business in one location with the same phone number, and he didn’t find it necessary to give up that number for a move of less than half a mile.

Due to the hassle, he was considering canceling the move. Then he heard about Vonage Business. “The thing that most caught my eye was their virtual guarantee that they would be able to port my existing phone number thus enabling me to keep it at the new location.” Howard was wary about the number porting because of the hassle he had with his old company, but as he says, “Today my phone number is intact at my new, larger office, and I continue to enjoy the myriad of other features and capabilities that come with [Vonage Business] web-based, hosted phone service.”

Aside from enabling Howard to retain his existing phone number after moving his office, he notes that the online portal and the ability to take his phone anywhere have been a great help. “I seem to learn something new about the features all the time and realize that I have only scratched the surface in tapping into the full capabilities of the hosted system.”

As he explored the features, Howard was particularly pleased to see the capability of using more than one device on the same extension. “As a result, I no longer have to lug my phone with me, and I can simply leave an extra phone device at home or at my second office, and then ‘activate’ that device when I get there. This is a huge convenience.”

“[Vonage Business] web-based, hosted phone system has proven to be the perfect solution for my CPA practice. It not only solved my phone number portability problem, but it continues to provide me with features that enable me to look like the ‘big firms’ while providing the personalized, ‘boutique/concierge’ type service my clients have come to expect.”

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