David Flaig is an Independent Insurance Agent for Farmers Insurance. His office offers protection for their customers to protect everything that they have worked their whole life to earn. They offer home insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, workers compensation, life insurance and many investment opportunities. Flaig Insurance Services services the entire state of California and has been in business for over eight years. They have over 2,000 customers all over the state, but focus primarily on the San Francisco Bay Area.

Business Phone System Challenge

David’s old system was a traditional in-house business phone system from NEC with service provided by Telepacific. His office moved to a new location and their current solution became too expensive. They needed an affordable solution and more robust business-grade phone features. They needed to easily be able to make and track calls. Some of Flaig’s business is telemarketing and they needed to have outbound call logs for tracking purposes.

He also wanted a phone system for his insurance agency that was more flexible than his in-house system. His NEC in-house system required that they have a tech visit on-site to make any changes. This led to much higher costs, as well as the headache of scheduling a maintenance person.


After switching to Vonage Business, David has the ability to make any changes he needs with the click of a button and sometimes an occasional call to the Vonage Business support team. Because the PBX is not on-site, but instead hosted in our data center, changes are quick and easy and don’t incur any extra cost or maintenance scheduling.

Vonage Business also provides call logs on every account, and David appreciates the ability to track outbound calls.

David initially made his choice based on price and features, and says he “didn’t learn about the staff and how great they were until later after the install.” He says, “customer support has been ‘spot on’ … always helpful and very knowledgeable about your system and how best to apply it to our issues.” David has seen big savings with Vonage’s hosted PBX, “I figure that we have saved about $2500 – $3000 annually using your systems.”

David’s favorite features are Paperless Fax, Caller ID, and Voicemail to Email

In fact, he loves the voicemail to email feature so much that he purchased a new cell phone specifically for its ability to integrate with Vonage Business services. “I purchased a NEW cell phone because of your system… this new cell phone allows MP3 files to be downloaded and listened to… as a result your voice to text and then the mp3 files are a FANTASTIC asset for someone on the road and primarily in sales.

Vonage Business’ ability to integrate with cell phones is just one of the many great features that David’s insurance business has benefited from. He can receive calls to his cellphone from his business number while on the road with just a few clicks in his online user interface. Not only has he saved a lot of money, he’s gotten a lot of great new benefits as well.

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