Channel Islands Outfitters is a retailer specializing in kayaking equipment. They also own Paddle Sports of Santa Barbara and are run by a board of experienced kayaking guides. President Garrett Kababik manages the company’s phone system himself, and so needs a powerful system that is still easy to manage. They have fewer than 20 employees, who use their cloud-based phone system to make sales calls, develop customer relationships, and answer sales calls.

Affordable, Flat Rate Service for a Growing Business

Phone system features and calling service are rolled into one flat rate, making managing communications budget simple and predictable. Unlimited Extensions means that Garrett’s employees can make as many sales calls as they need, without needing to worry about incurring high long distance charges.

Garrett is able to set up new extensions for his employees with the click of a mouse from the administrator web portal. Configuring extensions is easy, with our user friendly user interface. As the administrator, Garrett can manage extensions and employees can also manage their own extensions themselves. Features like Voicemail to Email, Call Forwarding and Never Miss a Call are all easy to update and manage.

Channel Islands Outfitters also particularly enjoys the Work-From-Anywhere feature of Vonages’s service. Because phone service is delivered over the Internet, customers can take their phones home or on the road, and stay connected anywhere there is an Internet connection. Employment in retail sales often means travel, and Vonage Business gives employees the freedom to do so.