Craig Turnbull is the CEO of Bongo International LLC. Bongo facilitates cross border e-commerce transactions with solutions for both international consumers looking to purchase items in the US, as well as US businesses looking to expand internationally. As the CEO, Craig oversees the management of all aspects of the business. They service 70,000 International consumers and 1500 US businesses. Bongo has been in business for four years and has 65 employees spread out in three countries, with three locations in the US.

Business Phone System Challenges:

 Bongo is on the larger side of the small business spectrum, but like any small to medium-sized business, minimizing costs is very important. Due to their international presence, a robust phone system is fundamental to being profitable and competitive. Bongo was formerly using an Avaya Partner System for their communication needs. They wanted a solution that would be easy to implement across their many locations and still be cost effective. Hosted VoIP seemed like the answer they were looking for due to its low price and high customization. VoIP could keep calling costs low, and a hosted service would allow them to connect all 65 employees in 34 locations under the same phone system.

During his research Craig was mainly concerned with keeping costs low without sacrificing call quality. He needed a reliable VoIP provider that was cost effective, but also had the features he needed for his e-commerce company. He also needed to have strong reporting capabilities to track phone system usage company wide.


When looking for a new hosted VoIP phone system, Craig was immediately impressed by the helpfulness of Vonage Business sales staff. In addition to the reach feature set, the price was competitive.

Vonage Business Virtual Receptionist would enable customers calling the main company phone number to reach any department or employee, regardless of their physical location.

The call logs and reporting functionality were also important in meeting Bongo’s needs. Call logs have allowed Craig to accurately track phone system usage. And as far as call quality is concerned they’ve been more than satisfied.

Vonage Business has allowed us to centralize our reporting, made deploying new users easy and has been good from a quality perspective.”

Vonage Business also strives to continually come out with new features in line with our customers’ needs. We listen closely to suggestions and requests from our customers and have a development team that works diligently to make our system fit every small business. Since Vonage Business owns its own technology, we can adapt quickly, making changes and upgrades continuously. Craig has found that the constant addition of new features has been exactly in line with what his company needed.

“Vonage Business continues to add additional services. These new additions have come online right when our business had the need.”

Craig’s favorite features are Vonage Business’ Online Backup and Storage, Call Groups, and Company Call Recording Service. In a business like Craig’s, reporting is important. With Vonage Business rich features, he can maintain quality within his company, and at the same time have a quality Hosted VoIP phone system.

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