Advanced Psychological Assessment, P.C. specializes in diagnosing and helping to treat children, adolescents, and adults with mental health related issues and problems. Their focus is helping parents and individuals understand the causes of learning issues and attention problems. They are based in Long Island, New York, and the practice is owned and operated by Dr. Rozenblatt. Dr. Rozenblatt received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Long Island University in 2003. His practice has two locations, one in Manhattan and the other in Smithtown in Suffolk County.

Before switching to Vonage Business, Advanced Psychological Assessment was using traditional land line phone service for their healthcare phone system. Connecting two locations with a traditional phone system is cumbersome and not very cost effective. Traditional phone service can’t provide the advanced business features that healthcare providers need to ensure that patients can get the care that they seek.

Dr. Rozenblatt needed a phone system that he could setup and maintain himself, without the need for maintenance or complicated setup. After an internet search for providers he discovered Vonage Business, and then decided that a hosted phone system would work for his medical practice. A hosted phone system could provide the robust features, flexibility of tying multiple locations together, and an easy setup with no maintenance requirements.

There are many powerful features included standard with every unlimited extension phone line, but Dr. Rozenblatt’s favorite is Voicemail to Email. Whenever someone leaves a voicemail on his extension, he receives and MP3 file of the voicemail itself attached to an email. This allows him to review the message on his computer, and makes managing and storing important messages easy.

Vonage Business has a large number of service features that are great for healthcare providers and medical offices. Hosted VoIP makes tying multiple locations together under the same phone system simple. Our system simply registers the phones associated with your account, and can direct calls accordingly. That means that transferring a call to another office is as simple as pressing a few buttons, even if the office is across the state.

The Virtual Receptionist is a great way to manage calls to a medical office. Many medical practices are able to answer many standard questions with simple recorded prompts about locations, hours of operation, and services offered. The virtual receptionist can direct a call to the appropriate extension, and help to sort out urgent and important calls from more casual inquiries.

Vonage Business has been the phone provider of choice for many healthcare practices all across the nation. Find out what we can do for your healthcare practice!