Businesses increasingly demand Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions from their communication providers. The scalability and cost effectiveness of VoIP telephony services supports their ever-evolving business needs. Vonage Business’s cloud-hosted solution allows any communication provider to easily begin offering their own VoIP solution and capitalize on the exploding demand for these services. As a communication provider partnered with Vonage Business, you have the opportunity to increase your revenue and margins without the significant capital expenditures and long implementation cycles.

Benefits for Wholesale Partners

Offer your customers advanced business VoIP solutions using our turnkey, VoIP platform—no hardware required.

  • Generate revenue in as few as 90 days
  • Brand under your name and reputation to leverage your customer relationships
  • Gain competitive advantage to protect and grow your customer base
  • Retain control over your end users, account, set-up, billing, marketing, and customer support using our easy to use administrative portal
  • Receive supporting sales and marketing tools and collateral

Implementation Types

As a partner, you create a VoIP offering that aligns with your business model.

  • White Label: create branded solution using administrative tools included in Vonage Business Solution’s platform and operate using our network connectivity and infrastructure.
  • Network Integration: integrate your network connectivity with our cloud-based VoIP functionality to use your network and available minutes as your solution infrastructure.

Most Complete Solution

Vonage’s VoIP platform provides an end-to-end solution that ensures our wholesale partners offer all the best business VoIP calling features, along with CRM integration, mobile applications and web-based interface options.

Proven Methodology to Help Ensure Your Success

Vonage Business encompasses three critical phases to help ensure any model a provider chooses is implemented quickly and successfully. From discovery in phase 1 to enhance and expand in phase 3, Vonage fully supports its end-to-end solution to provide partners with every advantage in delivering robust VoIP solutions to their customers.

Become a Wholesale Partner