From the moment you become a customer, our Customer Success team goes to work on behalf of your business – and they’re here for you every step of the way. This group of seasoned professionals work directly with customers to assure the experience with our business phone system is as productive as possible.

We’re Dedicated to Your Business

Our Customer Care Representatives are trained to help you with any need, typically within the course of a single phone call. We know every business is different; and we enjoy the opportunity to consult with you and recommend features that will best serve your needs. We’re also conscious that most customers don’t have IT professionals on staff, so our capable team is equipped to troubleshoot any situation.

Always At Your Service

Customer Care representatives are available every day, 8am – 11pm EST, to provide personalized service and support. Additionally, emergency support is available after hours and weekends. Our representatives have ready access to a full support team – from technical support pros and billing specialists, to engineers and product experts – all located within the same facility.

Customer Onboarding: Get Started Right – and Right Away!

The switch to the Vonage business phone system is efficient, fast and seldom requires any downtime at all. Early on, you’ll witness the precision of our Customer Success team in action:

    • Number Porting: Our porting specialists work to transfer (port) your existing phone numbers. The back-office group works with customers’ existing carriers, and our customer-facing specialists are available to answer questions and share the status of porting efforts.
    • Order Entry and Billing: The order entry team also moves quickly so when you’re ready to bring your new phone system online, billing details and protocols are already in place.
      • Training: Even before the system goes live, you are invited to attend a live New Customer Orientation session where expectations are confirmed and questions can be answered. Next up is another live session: Admin Portal Training (any Monday through Friday, four times a day). This training is invaluable for those employees you designate as the “Administrator” or “Super User” on the account, and anyone within your company is welcome to attend.
    • Online Support Resources: Customers are also introduced early on to our extensive online support resources, complete with cataloged feature descriptions, how-to videos and other key resources to help you enable the many system features.

Over time, our experienced team has developed a true culture of success, where Customer Care representatives constantly interact with our product developers and technical managers. The result is a knack for finding solutions – together – for your benefit. We’re proud of our business phone solution and the potential it offers. And our success is clearly based on your success.