The number one priority for many businesses is to spend less while maintaining efficiency. Vonage Business understands, and we’re here to help you cut down on costs. Cutting business costs can be tricky, but one place you can be sure to maximize savings without sacrificing quality is in your phone system. How? Through hosted business VoIP communications, we optimize your telephone system and minimize your costs. It’s that simple.

Savings Advantages

A great benefit of hosted business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications is the reduced cost and predictable billing your business receives. For a low, flat monthly rate, your business can make unlimited nationwide calls. Every month, regardless of the amount of long distance calling, business phone bills will be predictable, which helps to keep business budgets on track. Businesses typically save at least 30 percent over traditional carriers and we never require annual contracts.*

Increased Flexibility to Work from Anywhere

Flexibility is also important when you’re trying to operate a successful business. Hosted VoIP technology allows for a great deal more flexibility than a traditional phone system. Unlike a traditional system, a VoIP system can be plugged into virtually any broadband Internet connection and will register itself with its associated phone system. So taking your phone on the road and staying connected is a breeze. You can make and receive calls as if you are sitting at your desk, even if you’re across the country. Pack your phone with you and enjoy constant communication at a fraction of the cost of traditional phones.

All of the phones on a Vonage account have the flexibility of working from anywhere. Your employees can easily work from home, and this can have the additional benefit of reducing overhead. With VoIP communications, your phone system still functions as if everyone were in the same office. This means employees can transfer calls to one another as if they were down the hall, even if they’re across the state or even across the country.

Of course, employees also have the advantage of using our Vonage Business Mobile apps for iOS and Android, which bring them the full functionality of their office phone system, wherever they are.

With our hosted business VoIP phone system, you get over 40 business-class feature built-in, such as Virtual Receptionist, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Conference, Voicemail and much more, while only paying the low, flat monthly rate.

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