IP telephones, or Internet Protocol telephones, are an affordable solution for businesses looking for a complete communications system. IP phones look identical to traditional business telephones, if not more sleek and sophisticated. The only difference is that instead of a phone jack, they plug into an Internet Ethernet connection.

IP telephones operate via the Internet rather than an analog signal like traditional phones. They are much more practical in terms of price – perfect for the small business owner looking to cut down on communication costs. Rather than paying extra for additional features and long distance calls, Vonage Business offers a low flat rate that bundles features and unlimited calling together. Your business will receive drastically reduced calling costs and a vast improvement in business calling features; it’s a win-win.

Vonage offers a line of top quality IP telephones from the industry leaders in IP communication. We carry phones to fit every level of usage, from basic calling, to executive-level full-featured phones. Vonage carries top brands Cisco, Polycom, Panasonic, and Yealink to suit the needs of every possible employee in your company.

One of the major benefits of IP telephones is the flexibility they offer. Unlike traditional phones that are restricted to a specific physical phone jack, IP telephones will work anywhere, with the same phone number. In other words, you can take your phone with you, on a road trip, home, etc., plug it in, and when someone dials your number your phone will ring. All of the functionality of an office phone system comes with your IP phone, wherever it is, as long as it’s connected to the Internet. You can transfer calls to other employees in your company, be accessible from the phone menu, and much more, no matter where you are.

IP Phones harness the power of hosted VoIP technology to deliver the maximum communication experience for businesses with a minimal cost. They are an investment that will bring significant returns, both in the added convenience and the improvement in features your company has access to.

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