A Virtual Receptionist is a sophisticated tool that prompts callers to select from a phone menu. The automated recordings play as soon as a caller dials into a company number, and informs the caller which number to press to reach the desired extension. Recordings can be updated from the Administrator Portal, and multiple Virtual Receptionists can be created and implemented for non-business hours, or during holidays.

Try a Live Operator First

The Virtual Receptionist provides you with the flexibility of giving a live operator the opportunity to answer calls before an automated greeting or menu plays.

Virtual Receptionist Options

Customize your Virtual Receptionist with various options, such as playing a list of options (phone menu), forwarding calls to a particular extension, playing a greeting continuously, and more! Depending on the option you choose, you have the ability to record or upload a custom greeting for your business.

Dial by Extensions

Give callers the option to enter an extension number to be transferred directly to that particular extension.

Dial by Name

By creating users and assigning them to your extensions, you can build a Dial by Name directory that callers can use to find the correct person or department. You can also disable this feature for individual extensions, keeping some extensions private.

Virtual Receptionist Schedule

Need to play a different greeting or direct callers elsewhere after-hours? The Virtual Receptionist allows you to set your business hours as well as different options for after-hours calls. For example, forward callers to a general voicemail box after your office closes, or out to an employee’s cell phone for emergency calls.

Multiple Virtual Receptionists

Since Virtual Receptionists are free, add as many as you like to create a robust phone menu system. For example, create a Virtual Receptionist that provides callers with additional menu options or directions to your office. Simply link your main Virtual Receptionist to this new one and create a phone tree.

Manual Schedule Override

For holidays or other one-time events, use the Manual Schedule Override to temporarily change your Virtual Receptionist configuration. Continuously play the Business Hours greeting, the Non-Business Hours greeting, or forward calls elsewhere. You can also record or upload a separate greeting notifying your customers of a holiday or business closure. Set an end date and time, and your Virtual Receptionist will automatically revert to its usual configuration.

Update Your Virtual Receptionist Remotely

Can’t get to the office due to a snowstorm or other emergency? No problem. You can change your Virtual Receptionist settings from anywhere. Simply log in to our Admin Portal to make your changes.

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