As a part of our total “unified communications” solution that brings fax, voicemail and email to a single inbox, VoIP faxes sent to a Vonage-assigned fax number will be sent to a designated email address attached as either a PDF document or TIF image.

Benefits of VoIP Paperless Fax

  • Send and receive faxes without a fax machine
  • Manage faxes, email and voicemail from a single inbox
  • Send outbound faxes like emails; simply send an email to the desired fax number with the appropriate documents as an attachment
  • Receive inbound faxes to your email inbox as PDF or TIF attachments
  • Give individual employees a personal fax number
  • No wasted paper and supplies receiving unwanted faxes; only print the ones you want

How Paperless Fax Works



Usage with Your Phone System

VoIP fax from Vonage allows companies to eliminate the need for both a clunky fax machine and wasted paper. You and your employees can get individual fax numbers, and receive faxes to a designated email address. Fax to email is more reliable than traditional fax service, as it does not rely on audio signals to transmit information, as traditional fax service does. Instead, fax information is sent digitally via Vonage’s VoIP network, and is delivered to your inbox as a VoIP fax, with no risk of the sender receiving a busy signal or failed transmission.

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