Today’s employees are increasingly mobile and distributed across multiple locations. So, reliable mobile solutions are essential for business. The free* Vonage Business Mobile App fully integrates with the Vonage business phone system, allowing employees to make and receive business calls wherever they go – with the same robust calling features they enjoy in the office.

Calls on the Mobile App are recognized on Caller ID as calls from your business, projecting a professional business presence for all employees. This not only allows a productive “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy, it also lets employees keep their business and personal accounts separate on the same device.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Allows mobile employees to be constantly connected with the business phone system.
  • Works with both iPhone® and Android® phones.
  • Simplifies the ability to work from the road or even from home.
  • Maintains a professional business presence from anywhere.
  • Helps employees keep personal and business phone accounts separate.

The Mobile App is especially popular among companies whose employees regularly work remotely including home-based workers, sales professionals and employees who frequently travel.

How It Keeps You Connected

Our Mobile App is part of the standard 40+ features that come with every Vonage Business phone plan. While traditional phone service providers may offer a separate mobile service, our Mobile App is a fully integrated mobile solution. Just look at some of the features that keep you connected:

Get Started

Vonage business customers can download the Mobile App for iPhone® and Android® using one of the links below – and begin using it right away. Once installed, log on with your account details and start enjoying your business phone features from anywhere.

Download Vonage Business on the App Store Vonage Business Android app on Google Play

*Data charges may apply to Mobile App usage depending upon your mobile plan.

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