Balestriere Fariello is a trials and investigations law firm, based in New York City. They represent businesses and individuals in trials, investigations, and arbitration, pushing hard to win for their clients, and often times conduct investigations themselves to build the strongest possible case.

Like most law firms, Balestriere Fariello needs a professional phone system to handle their communication needs. As a small firm with under 10 employees, they need a reliable system that has extension dialing and advanced business features, but without the hassle and cost of a large corporate system. Like many small legal firms, Balestriere Fariello decided to go with a cloud based phone system from Vonage Business Solutions.

A phone system from Vonage Business Solutions is hosted in the cloud, so there’s no need to buy, lease, or maintain physical equipment.

All of the powerful business phone features that a law firm needs are delivered as a subscription service over the internet, instead of through physical hardware. This helps to drastically reduce cost, and at the same time provides much more flexibility and more powerful calling features.

Law firms like Balestriere Fariello benefit from Vonage’s suite of included business features. With every unlimited extension plan, in addition to unlimited domestic long distance calling, legal firms get Virtual Receptionists, Call Logs, Voicemail to Email,Work from Anywhere, Call Forwarding, and much more.

Additionally, legal firms can add on additional features that can greatly enhance the way they do business.

Balestriere Fariello utilizes the Call Recording feature as an added level of record keeping, and assurance of accuracy. Vonage Business Solutions offers two levels of Call Recording service, to fit with the varying needs of different legal firms and their phone system preferences. Company Call Recording Service allows legal firms to set recording rules for calls on all extensions company wide.

Account administrators can set the rules to record 100% of calls, 50% of calls, calls from certain extensions, etc. On the other hand, for some firms, On Demand Call Recording Service is a better fit. On Demand Call Recording Service is set up on an extension by extension basis, and allows each individual to control recording with a simple keystroke. Both features are easy to customize, and all recordings are saved securely in your law firms password protected online account.

Many Law firms have found success with a phone system from Vonage Business Solutions. Find out how your legal practice can benefit from a cloud based phone system.

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