Atlanta, Georgia – September 22, 2011

Vocalocity, the leading cloud-based phone service provider for small business, today announced a completely new desktop visibility experience for its nearly 15,000 VoIP customers. The Vocalocity Desktop and its associated plug-ins facilitate better business interactions by automatically pulling information from an incoming phone number or caller ID.

“Vocalocity Desktop is the latest in our series of features that help businesses work smarter and faster,” said Wain Kellum, CEO at Vocalocity. “Our customers get a real competitive advantage by having instant visibility into the person on the other end of the phone. That familiarity can be a powerful difference in making a sale or retaining a customer.”

Vocalocity Desktop comes configured with free LinkedIn, Google Search, and Caller Locator plug-ins. For a limited time, an additional Microsoft Outlook plug-in will be available as a free trial to Vocalocity customers. Once downloaded, Vocalocity Desktop simply runs in the background on a Vocalocity customer’s computer. When an incoming call is registered, Vocalocity Desktop will automatically display information about a caller which is populated through the application’s various plug-ins. Vocalocity customers can instantly see a caller’s approximate location based on area code, the weather in that location, the caller’s information from Google, and his or her LinkedIn profile.

Additionally, the Microsoft Outlook plug-in enables Vocalocity customers to automatically view a contact, add information to a new or existing contact, register a journal entry for reference, and view existing journal entries. This feature is completely indexed and searchable so customer call histories and issues are immediately available, reducing call times and facilitating customer support. This essentially leverages Microsoft Outlook’s customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities and integrates them with Vocalocity’s world-class phone system.

“An important facet of the Vocalocity Desktop evolution is our commitment to unify communications with our customer’s business applications,” said Jonathan Alexander, Vice President of Engineering at Vocalocity. “We developed our plug-in framework to meet this need and to allow customers to integrate the applications they use. We are already working with partners and beta testing many more plug-ins, and we’ll continue to work with our customers and partners to expand the catalog of available plug-ins.”

To download the Vocalocity Desktop, or to learn about integration to other CRM or business applications, visit the product page.